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Pokemon Go Download for iOS and Android – Some Details To Know

Description: If you were impressed with the details shared by your friends about Pokemon Go game, you might be interested in downloading it to your smartphone and here are some details to know in this regard.

Everyone is all of a sudden catching up the Pokemon fever recently, and this is because of the recent release of the Pokemon Go, which is a free-to-play game available both for iOS and Android users. Here are some details you should be aware of the game before you actually opt to download it to your iOS or Android phone.


After you download the gaming applications and when you enter the application for the first time after signing in, you will have to create your own avatar. Here, you will be provided with the option to choose the eye color, skin, hair and style of your Avatar and you will also be allowed to choose from the outfit options available. Once you create the avatar, it will have a map showing your immediate surroundings. You might also be able to find a number of Pokemon gyms and stops on your map. They are generally located in popular meeting places in your city like tourist attractions, parks, temples, churches or mosques and also memorials.

When you travel in the real world, your avatar will also move along the map. If you are a frequent traveler, you will find that different Pokemon live in different regions of the globe. For instance, you can find water-type Pokemon, when you get near water. When you come across a Pokemon, you will see him either in Augmented Reality (AR) mode or even with a pre-rendered background. Here, the former mode will use the camera on your smartphone to showcase an image of Pokemon as if it is the real world. Now, it is time to understand how to download this gaming application to your Android device:

How to download for Android?

When you wish to play this game on your Android device and if you are not in a country that has this game available through Google Play Store, you can download it from a third-party website and here is how you should do it:

Download the APK file:

The initial thing you will have to do is to permit your Android device to install and run applications that are downloaded from places other than Google Store. But, you should be careful when you turn on this setting as you should make sure that only reliable and safe applications are downloaded. Now, open the settings on your phone and then visit the tab called security. Then, scroll down and reach the tab that shows ‘unknown sources’. Here, you will have to keep the setting to ‘on’. Once this is done, your phone will allow you to download the APK file. Now, visit a reliable website that offers the facility to download the Pokemon Go and click download. Once the downloading process is completed, just visit the notification area of your phone and select the Pokemon Go File to install it. Now, you will have this game on your Android phone to try it out.

How to download for iOS?

When you wish to download the game to your iOS device, you can visit the Apple Store to find this application to download it. But, if the game is not available in your country on Apple Store, you can download it from external sources similar to that of Android phone. Here is what you will have to do:

Log out of your Apple ID:

The first thing you will have to do is to make your iPhone believe that you in a region that has this game on App Store. Just open the settings on your iPhone and then tap on Apple ID and select to sign out. Once you are logged out, go to settings and visit the general tab and then language & region. Now, just set your region to Australia, New Zealand or the US as the game can be downloaded from App Store only by users from these countries.

Open the app store:

Once you have changed the country, visit the App store and search for the game, and now it should appear in the list of apps available for download. If it does not show up, you will have to choose a free application to download and should create a new Apple ID. In the process of creating ID, add the address of countries mentioned earlier and never forget to select ‘None’ in the billing menu. You can find suitable address with the help of Google. Now, you can download the app to your iPhone to enjoy playing seamlessly.

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